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Our Story

SavingLife was founded by 2 individuals who shared the belief that providing a service to help save the lives of homeless animals and operating a company to make a profit did not have to be mutually exclusive. For too long society has held a belief that only nonprofit organizations can truly provide charitable services. But here is the secret that isn't brought into these conversations. Nonprofits also are in the business of making money. It isn't making money that is bad, it is what the organization does with that money which separates it from being a true benefit to our world from one that simply wants to put money in the pockets of staff, owners and investors.


SavingLife operates as a social or benefit organization. Meeting our Mission is every bit as important as making Money. We believe in compensating our staff fairly by market standards and that our investors should get a realistic, but not exorbitant return on their investment. Whether it is a nonprofit or for profit company, funds are needed to open the doors and there is nothing inherently wrong with having those with the financial means help get things off the ground.

That being said, we also believe that words are cheap and that the proof is in the data. Throughout the year, one can visit our website to learn about the programs we support and how we use our funding to save pets lives. Furthermore, included in our annual reports will be information on what we accomplished the previous year in terms meeting our Mission.

Albert Einstein is credited with stating, "the definition of crazy is doing the same thing and expecting different results". Well, at the time of this writing (2022) the animal welfare world is in turmoil, having been set back 15 years by COVID 19 and the world is on the verge of a recession.  Animal welfare groups are struggling with too many animals and too little funding. It is time to try something new. 

Welcome to SavingLife. I hope your rescue, humane society or animal control will join us as we work together to find solutions so badly needed to saving the lives of more animals.

Thank you

Tom Van Winkle and Pinaki Datta


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