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I Have A Pet to Rehome

SavingLife was formed to assist in rescues and animal shelters in reducing the amount of time pets were in their care before finding new, loving homes. However, we realize preventing animals from entering rescues/shelters in the first place is the ideal situation.  Having said that, rehoming a pet without the aid of a rescue/shelter can be very dangerous for the pet. Not everyone who is looking to acquire a pet has the pet's best interest in mind. Rescues and shelters have policies and processes to adopt pets to the best homes possible.  By working through the SavingLife network of rescues/shelters, pet owners receive assistance in helping find a good home for their pet while keeping that pet with them until a new family is found.


Unfortunately we can't guarantee a new home will be found when you fill out this form, but it will notify rescues and shelters nationwide to be on the lookout for a new family. In other words, your chances of finding a new, good home in the shortest amount of time  vastly increase by communicating with the SavingLife network. 

I Need to Rehome My Pet
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We hope we can find a new home quickly

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