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SavingLife drives innovation, cost savings & operational efficiencies in the animal welfare industry to give agencies of all sizes more time and funding to focus on our shared mission of helping animals in need.

Welcome to our Shop! 

Premium Products
at Volume Pricing

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Enjoy volume discounts, without having to purchase huge quantities.

Microchips, Collar Tags, Scanners, Office/Cleaning/Paper Products - and more

100% Free 
Microchip Registry


Provide your clients with a registry that is truly free for ALL pets.

Our microchip registry is open to all pet parents. A great benefit to offer to your patients and their parents. Unlike other registries, there is never a charge, no matter what!

Smart Scanning

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Save time by retrieving pet data &  owner information directly from our scanners.

SavingLife’s WI-Fi microchip scanners can save you multiple phone calls when trying to identify an animal. Our scanners not only show the microchip number, but also the pet's and owner information.

Spotlight Products 

Smart Scanner - A Premium Product at an Affordable Price

Smart Scanners

Retrieves pet data & owner information

Save time and multiple phone calls trying to identify a pet.  Our WI-FI scanners not only show the microchip number, but also the pet and owner information.  

Office/Cleaning/Paper... Products

SavingLife has teamed up with SupplyTigers to bring supplies used everyday by your agency at low prices. SavingLife believes in "strength in numbers", so by collaborating as a network, we are able to lower your expenses so you have more funding for your animals.

To start - you will need to set up an account with Supply Tigers (click the Start Now button). Once your account has been created, you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password and begin shopping.

If you already have an account and want to shop, click the Shop button.

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