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For Veterinarians

SavingLife believes ALL animal related industries should collaborate to help pets in need and the veterinary community is a very important part of this network.  SavingLife understands that driving costs down for private practitioners goes a long way to helping pet owners keep their pets, so we are not just inviting, but asking that veterinarians join us by taking advantage of the cost saving programs we offer.

Savings Programs


Microchipping Products

We offer tremendous prices on microchips, nanochips, QR Tags, scanner and combo packages. For instance, we have microchips for $2.50 each and chip/tag combos for $5.00 (a 60% discount). Buying through us not only saves you money, it helps SaveLives


VMA Members Save More

SavingLife currently has agreements with 7 state VMA's where we aggregate microchip orders for each of the VMA members and offer volume pricing to their entire membership.  Want to know more - click below and we will contact you.


Purchasing Program

SavingLife has partnered with Supply Tigers to offer a purchasing program to our network of agencies and we want to extend this offer veterinarians. We drive operational costs down on supplies used everyday so there are more funds to help the animals.

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