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Our industry experts and subject matter experts spend time in analyzing and evaluating different perspective of Animal Welfare industry and present their understanding in these insights.

Statistics through November 2023

While we do not have enough data yet to say these charts are representative of the entire industry, we now have enough to start showing you what we are seeing through the SavingLife Network and the SAINT platform. All of this information is generated without any extra work on behalf of SAINT users and it is the most objective data available.

Change Can Be Scary

Change. Just the thought of it brings up a whole mixed-up array of emotions. And asking the question, “Is change good or bad?”, produces a million different answers! The answer isn't a simple Yes or No, but often our initial reaction is to decline something new. Read this blog to learn why change isn't always bad.

A Shout Out to Our Partner

No one accomplishes greatness alone and we are no different. In this article we give a shout out to a few of the companies we work with who not only help SavingLife, but animals in general.

The Nonprofit Industry and Animal Welfare

The life-blood of non-profit entities is their network of donors and supporters; the people who give their time and money to further the mission of the non-profit. There are many very worthy organizations supporting important causes, many of which touch the lives of our community members in very specific ways. And, since donors have more requests for donations than they could possibly have resources to offer, they have to make some really tough choices.

The Economy and Animal Welfare

With all of the predictions circulating about the economy and all the different perspectives and agendas in play, it can be tough to shut out the noise and focus on the economic trends and indicators that will help members of the animal welfare industry predict our future donations and adoptions with confidence and plan accordingly. Our next few blogs will look at the economy and its impact on charitable giving and the services offered by animal welfare agencies so you can identify tools to help you clearly see where you stand and reliably forge the path ahead.

Animal Shelters Deserve Our Support

Too often workers at animal welfare agencies are unfairly criticized and maligned. While no one is perfect, the horrible things said about and to the very people dedicating their lives to helping homeless animals is unfair and unwarranted.  Shelters deserve our support.

Is it Penny Pinching or Just Smart Business

When I was young, my father would yell through the house, “who left the lights on in the bedroom?” The usual suspects were my two sisters and myself, and I am sure I don’t need to tell you who was guilty a large part of the time.

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