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SavingLife's believes collaboration is the key to saving the lives of more pets. We know we won't have all of the solutions, therefore, when we find innovative products and services that can help the animal welfare community, we want to let you know about them.

Our Friends

Brave Paws

Brave Paws Anxiety and Stress Support Chewables for Dogs is a clinically studied and patented botanical that may help ease stress and anxiety in dogs.

C&G's Song Roads

As a Shelter Organization, you can add Heartfelt Entertaining Music, with Songs from our animal’s perspectives to your next event!

To learn more contact Greg at CnG’s SongRoads here:

Fetch Pet Insurance

Pet Premium

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The Harmony Project - by Zoundz

The Harmony Project - At Zoundz, we care deeply about homeless pets. We created The Harmony Project to help calm shelter and rescue pets across the nation! The calming sounds of Zoundz creates a more relaxing environment for dogs and cats and reduces their anxiety — ultimately making them more adoptable so they can find a forever home faster.

We want every shelter and rescue in the U.S. to have Zoundz Music For Pets™ for FREE and we need the support of pet lovers everywhere.

Treat Clincher® by BarkerFun

The enrichment device that keeps your dogs safe, their living environment clean, and your dog an enriching activity.

As a disclaimer, these are not paid advertisements and SavingLife has no legal or financial interest in any of these companies or products. All communications should be direct to the companies themselves. 

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