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For Rescues, Humane Societies and Animal Control Agencies

SavingLife is not another consulting company who just tells you what to do. We become your partner who works right along with you to SAVE LIVES. By providing solutions that save you Time, Money and LIVES, we ensure we reach our goals decreasing LOS by increasing adoptions, pets returned to their owners and transfers between agencies. 

Do You Want to Save TIME?

We all have heard - time is money. SavingLife offers solutions to make your operations as efficient as possible. You need more time to spend helping the animals, yet admin work is an essential part of a rescue/shelter. By using our state of the art technology platform SAINT (Saving Animals In Need Together) your staff and volunteers will have more time to provide hands on care to your animals and still capture the important information you need to run your agency.


Do You Want to Save MONEY

Even though we are in the business of helping animals, money is needed to accomplish our goals and, unfortunately, it is getting harder to find funding. That is where SavingLife's purchasing programs come into to play. We have partnered with top venders to negotiate excellent pricing for those items you use everyday. Our list of products includes microchips, scanners, office products, cleaning products and more.

Do You Want to Raise MONEY

SavingLife knows the importance of fund raising and how difficult it is, even in the best of times. That is why we have partnered with the national non-profit the American Association of Pet Parents to help raise money for you. Those agencies who join the SavingLife network will receive an equal share of donations received through this program each month. There is no application. You just need to be committed to working together to save as many lives as possible.


Do You Want to Save LIVES

Saving lives doesn't just require us to do our individual jobs as well as possible, it REQUIRES us to realize we are all in this together. That means we must infuse collaboration into our daily rescue/shelter operations. Collaboration isn't easy if you don't have the right partners and tools. SavingLife provides both - we work with the best partners to save you money, give you the tools to work more efficiently and effectively with others and facilitate networking events/meetings so you can connect with other animal welfare agencies, corporate partners and veterinarians .

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