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It is impossible to make value added chances without accurate, factual, up to date information. SavingLife brings this information to your fingertips.


To the surprise, and disappointment of many, Amazon ended its charitable giving program AmazonSmile in February 2023. We haven't found an exact reason, but for those agencies which depended on this program for funding, you will need to encourage your supporters to help in other ways.


The information contained in this graph is factual, yet it is not representative of the entire animal welfare industry. Unlike many sources of data, I think it is important to be transparent that you should not draw widespread conclusions based on this data. Then why am I showing it? The reason is to hopefully convince more of you to join our SAINT network to drive life saving solutions based on factual information. Even though this sample of data is relatively small, I do find it interesting that as the percentage of annual adoptions as compared to the 20 year total peaked in 2019, the percentage of pets with black fur who were adopted remained flat until 2021.If this were a large enough sample of data with same results, what would we do with this information? I can't really say. I can say that every SAINT agency would receive this (and much much more) data and be invited to discuss what it means with peers from around the country to see if it is significant and, if so, what action could be taken? Agencies large and small, private and public are invited, no encouraged, to reach out to me to see how you can join our network.

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