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Rescue Puppy

Pilot Program

SavingLife Network

The SavingLife Network is made up of rescues, humane societies and animal control of all sizes who understand that we will save more pets lives by working together.

Network agencies work together in real time through the SAINT technology platform, allowing them to:

  • Reduce animals LOS,

  • Decrease the amount of time spent on entering and managing data,

  • Adding to the financial bottom line through cost savings and revenue generation.

SavingLife is recruiting agencies to pilot SAINT and our revenue generating/cost reduction services.

Pilot Program

  • 3 months in length

  • No cost to the pilot agencies and no commitment of working with SavingLIfe at the end of the pilot period

  • SavingLife enters all pilot agencies animal data to SAINT (agencies continue to use their current platform)

  • Pilot agencies enrolled in revenue generating programs

  • Pilot agencies given access to product discounts

  • SavingLife provides data analysis and summaries (NDA's will be provided to assure pilot agencies of data privacy and security)

Pilot Agency Responsibilities

  • Have a true desire to work with other animal welfare agencies to save pets lives

  • Provide intake, outcome, medical and behavioral data to SavingLife (Reports from current platform can be used, so this should take less than 10 minutes a day)

  • Meet with SavingLife representative at the end of 3 months to evaluate the program

Are you interested in joining our program and joining us as we lead our industry to the future of SAVING LIVES?

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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