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An Introduction to SAINT - Part 2

In 2018 and 2019 we asked those who run rescues, humane societies and animal control facilities what a technology platform would need to do in order for them to consider changing from their current system. Here is what we heard - a platform that:

  • Increases the number of pets adopted and/or returned to their owners,

  • Makes the communication process between rescues and shelters easier so staff/volunteers don’t spend so much time trying to make arrangements to move a pet from one organization to another,

  • Allows staff to quickly see where all of their animals are located without having to manage from a list,

  • Is cost effective,

  • Reduces the time spent in front of the computer to input all of the information needed to operate the organization,

  • Easy to learn/use,

  • Excellent support,

  • Quick and easy process to migrate from their current platform to the new one.

The SAINT agency management platform does all of this and more. I SAINT also:

  • Makes reporting much more efficient,

  • Includes animal control case management functionality,

  • Has separate clinic functionality for those agencies that operate public medical services,

  • Offers discounted pricing on shelter supplies.

These are the things SAINT can do for you, but the REASON SAINT was created was to provide our industry a technology solution that didn’t just hold information, but instead one that actually works with us to save time, money and most importantly - LIVES.

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