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Animal Shelters Deserve Our Support

We all know there is no such thing as “perfection”, meaning something without any flaws. Perfection is a wonderful ideal for which to strive, but it is impossible to actually achieve. There are two reasons we will never achieve perfection: The first one is pretty easy. We all make mistakes. Nothing more needs to be said. The second reason though creates bigger problems. Perfection will never be attained because we can’t agree on what defines a “perfect” state. In other words, it is the fact that people have differing opinions on what is right, or perfect, and therefore we can never actually reach perfection because someone will always disagree. Now, what happens when something has a “flaw”? We write bad reviews, encourage others not to buy the product and try to change the product to be perfect in our eyes. But is that fair? To decide, let’s look at the two reasons things are perfect.

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