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SAINT Introduction - Part 1

As animal welfare advocates and professionals, we are in uncharted territory. Our industry has experienced difficult times in the past, but never before have we seen a period of positive progress come to a screeching halt and being thrown backwards in time.

Many of the people who fought so hard to get us to where we were pre-COVID are no longer in our industry. Real change takes time and over the years each new group of colleagues fought the good fight, made progress for out animals and passed the baton to the next generation of life savers. What this means is that each successive generation did not experience the same thing their predecessors did, and that is good. But it also means we are not prepared to be thrown back to a time where so many of our champions have no experience.

Think of it like this. Regardless of your generation, think about the stories your grandparents and parents told you about growing up. Perhaps they didn’t have a car, or a television, or the internet. Maybe they had those things but only had one car, or their TV wasn’t in color or their internet was a dial up connection.

Now imagine you woke up tomorrow and lived in this time. Would your experience be the same as your ancestors? No. Life would be more traumatic for you because you have never had to live in such a manner. This is what is happening in animal welfare, but luckily we have enough folks who have lived through the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s who can help guide us back to saving the maximum number of animal lives. The problem now is our technology is not equipped to also help us dig out this hole. This is until now.

The technology used to run our rescues and shelters has been woefully behind the times for many years. We need technology that doesn’t just hold information, but we need technology that helps us do our jobs.

Introducing SavingLife Inc and our technology platform SAINT (Saving Animals In Need Together) that works with you to save lives. The only thing required to make the most out of this platform and join in saving thousands of lives is the DESIRE to be part of something bigger than yourself. The platform cost, data migration, training, etc are all minimal, especially compared to the return you, your staff, your volunteers and most importantly, the animals in our care receive. We need you to help us Save Lives.

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