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When to Change from "The Devil We Know"?

What happens when you consider a new piece of technology for your agency?

  • The salesperson shows you all of the features of their technology and tells you why it is the one for you,

  • Most service providers assist with your data migration, but few help with cleaning up your data to ensure its integrity without charging an additional fee,

  • You may purchase a training package or do it with videos and OJT,

  • You get technology that lets you “do” your job, but doesn’t “help” you do your job,

  • You rarely hear from your representative again until there is an upgrade. And those who do reach out send a note with - “How’s it going. I am here to help.”

What do you get when you partner with SavingLife and use our SAINT agency management platform

  • We too review the unique features of our platform and explain how they work with you,

  • We receive your data, clean it to the best of our abilities and migrate it into SAINT at no extra cost,

  • We provide live training for all staff and volunteers plus videos to support what they have learned. Additionally, we train all new staff and volunteers for life, meaning as new people join your organization, we will train them for you so your current team doesn’t need to take valuable time to instruct the newcomers. There is no extra fee for this service,

  • When you join the SavingLife network and use SAINT, you discover new potential partners, efficiently communicate with anyone in the network and work in REAL TIME with network partners resulting in lower LOS,

  • You have a SavingLife representative who meets with you throughout the year to hear your needs, tell you what we are hearing from our network and reviewing industry data to ensure you are as up to date as possible and that your voice is heard by others.

The easy path is to continue to use your current technology (or pen and paper for some of us) because it is “the devil we know”. The problem is that doing this does not save more lives. Even though change can be scary for our teams, it is our duty as professionals to ensure we are using the best tools available to fulfill our mission.

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