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"The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" - Albert Einstein

Whether you are an individual who wants to help pets in need or an animal welfare agency, WE MUST DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY if we want to see change. I am not talking about programmatic changes, I am talking about PARADIGM changes.  No significant improvements in the lives of homeless pets will happen under the way we are currently doing things.  

Please understand, I know there have been incredible programs and initiatives introduced to our industry. Whether is was spay/neuter clinics, large scale adoption events or transferring animals from one shelter to another, all of these saved thousands of lives. What I am talking about is how we see ourselves within the animal welfare world. We don't all have to operate the same way or even share the same opinions on each and every issue, but we must understand we are all in this together. When one of us succeeds/struggles, all of us succeed/struggle. That is what Save More In '24 is all about. Come and listen to what we are proposing and how this campaign works. The only risk you face is 1 hour of your time, but the benefits can be life changing.

The Save More In '24 webinars focus on animal welfare agencies, but the campaign itself will be broken down into 2 overlapping categories - individuals who want to help pets and animal welfare agencies (animal control, humane society and rescues). We will host these informational webinars monthly to give animal welfare agencies a chance to hear what is going on. For those individuals who want to join this initiative just click HERE to receive the monthly American Association of Pet Parents (AAPP) newsletter. SavingLife and AAPP are partnering in this effort so we can bring those individuals who care about animals, animal welfare agencies and corporations together to help as many animals as possible.

Please note, our work at SavingLife is about focusing on helping animals. We look at the challenges faced by agencies as opportunities to help. If anyone is looking to get involved with us to air their complaints and/or throw a person or group under the bus, we are not for you. We will not always agree with each other and there will be times where groups can't find a common ground from which to work, but that is ok. WE WILL ACT AS ADULTS AND BE COURTEOUS AND PROFESSIONAL. 

Our next Save More In '24 webinar is February 23, 2024 at 4pm EST.  Future dates will be posted as they are set up. To register for our next webinar, click the button below.

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