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Our solutions are very relevant for our industry. These are developed to help shelters collaborate and become effective in managing their businesses.


Shelter Collaboration Platform

The animal welfare industry, rescue organizations and veterinarians now have a technology platform that make collaboration more cost effective, efficient, and most importantly increase the number of animals helped.


This is Saint

Saint is a SAAS platform that focuses on Collaboration, Communication and Authentication.

Key components are:

  • Manage Contacts and Accounts

  • Manage Animals (full life-cycle with history)

  • Manage Transactions (Intake and Outcomes are just button clicks)

  • Manage Medical Events (along with history)

  • Case Management

  • Clinic Setup and Service Management

  • Bulk activities

  • Resource planning

  • Campus and Foster design planning (with cage management)

  • and more...

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SavingLife Purchasing Program

Our shopping program has the mission to bring all agency related supplies at a discounted price directly from the manufacturers. It covers products from paper towels to microchips.

SavingLife uses our network purchasing power to decrease your costs and make product ordering more efficient.

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