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SavingLife products and technology connect to a vast ecosystem of

veterinary health providers, animal welfare organizations, animal shelters and local government agencies.  


Our microchip registry is 100% FREE for pet parents, no matter how many pets they have or the microchip brand.

Vermont Veterinary Medical Association
Member Discount Program

Microchips - Nanochips - Tags - Combos - Smart Scanners - Free Registry

Vermont Veterinary Medical Association members can boost their bottom line with affordable and innovative pet identification products from SavingLife.


with your first order

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Program Highlights

Premium Products
at Volume Pricing

VVMA members enjoy volume discounts, without having to purchase large quantities.

We provide the best possible price by aggregating the purchasing power of all Vermont VMA members. As VVMA member order volume increases, your pricing will decrease to even lower levels.

100% Free 
Microchip Registry

Provide your patients with with a registry that is truly 100% free for ALL their pets.

Our microchip registry is open to all pet parents and is 100% free. A great benefit to offer to your patients and their parents. Unlike other registries, there is never a charge, no matter what!

Smart Scanning

Save time by retrieving pet data &  owner information directly from our scanners.

SavingLife’s WI-Fi microchip scanners can save you multiple phone calls when trying to identify an animal. Our scanners not only show the microchip number, but also the pet's and owner information.

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Receive VVMA Program Updates

THANKS! We will keep you posted.

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$5.00 each 
(sold in quantities of 10)

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Microchip + Tag

$6.30 each 
(sold in quantities of 10)


Nano Microchip

$6.30 each 
(sold in quantities of 10)


NanChip + Tag

$7.47 each 
(sold in quantities of 10)

Collar Tag.jpg

Collar Tag

$2.00 each 

(sold in quantities of 10)

Smart Scanners

$70.00 each

Microchip Specifications

How to Order



If you are a VMA member, enter the offer code in your cart that was provided by your State VMA.

What's Cool

Smart Scanners

Retrieves pet data & owner information

Our WI-FI scanners not only show the microchip number, but also the pet's and owner information. Save time and multiple phone calls trying to identify an pet. 

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Pet ID Products
for Pet Healthcare Providers & Shelters

SavingLife with its two sister companies, AAPP and SAINT, form a “trifecta” to drive innovation, cost savings & efficiencies in pet identification.

Our Common Mission:


FREE Microchip Registry
for All Pet Parents

The American Association of Pet Parents (AAPP) is a national animal welfare nonprofit dedicated to keeping pets happy, healthy and at home – and out of animal shelters. 

The AAPP national microchip registry is 100% FREE to all pet parents. The registry is supported by ongoing pet parent & industry programs. 

SaaS Platform
for Animal Welfare Agencies

SAINT enables welfare agencies to collaborate and efficiently match adopters to available animals, increasing the number of animals transferred between agencies and the number of pets returned to their families.


The SAINT platform integrates with all SavingLife microchips and the AAPP free microchip registry.

A Lifesaving Bonus for All Pet Parents.

Our microchip registry is100% free for ALL their pets, no matter the microchip brand. Unlike other registries, there is never a charge, no matter what! 

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